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Where did it all begin ?

Although the question may seem obvious, one can find more than one answer most of the time.
The Genesis line pays tribute to one of the origins of the IVUS identity. 


The crewneck is crafted with organic ring-spun combed cotton and introduces the embroidered coordinates logo, claiming the attention to one of the historical reference of Switzerland that has become a symbole recognizable around the world.

It is accompanied with its beanie made of Merino wool, easily adjustable, breathable, lightweight and confortable.

DSC09095 (1).jpg

The design explores the polarity of swiss fashion; a certain taste for conformity with a touch of exuberance.

The out-of-place geographical coordinates embroidery embodies the constant search to move forward

and reinterpret positive conformist refinement.

The antagonist approach boasts an unapologetic oversized fit while being balanced with  easy to wear colors.




Switzerland is home to the most picturesque landscapes, oscillating between raw and unspoiled nature, and authentic traditional villages.

The crewneck is constructed around an embroidery celebrating the captivating swiss valleys

through the country's signature paper-cut art.

The striped round neck is highlighted by a delicate red hand-made stitching, reminiscent of the national flag.

The national flag that we find on the front and which merges with an interpretation of the IVUS logo.

Adorned on the back of the left shoulder is a hand-painted white edelweiss to complete the bucolic picture.

DSC08530 (1).jpg

"The ability to understand the past helps to better acticulate the present and envision the future"

DSC08667 (1).jpg

Good taste and innovation. This is the legacy that names such as Cailler, Suchard, Kohler, Peter or Lindt have provided us.

Through long, repeated processes of tasting, refining, in search of the perfect balance,

comes the "Aha moment !" that makes us forget any hardship of the past and enjoy the present moment in its sweetest, most ephemeral form.

The crewneck features a chocolate embroidery on the back and is enhanced with an old printing postcard on the front.

It is further embellished with a delicate mounting of fabrics on the left sleeve.


The singularity of the swiss natives seems to come from their allegiance. Not to a king. Not to a president. But to values.

Meticulous work. Precision. Uncompromising quality. Taking the time. To last over time. The whole wrapped in peace.

The crewneck is embellished with an embroidered blazon, and further enhanced with a hand-made knitted cross.

The striped round neck is highlighted by a brown hand-made stitching.


Along the lakes that color the swiss landscape, fashion flourishes and thrives on the peaceful rhythm that dictates the life of the towns bordering them.

The blue crewneck evokes this charming depiction and features an embroidered vintage postal card on the back and is further embellished with a sunny floral print on the front.

The striped round neck is highlighted by a yellow hand-made  stitching.

DSC08818 (1).jpg
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