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Bienvenuti to "Amore Amore," the trattoria that cherishes the essence of authentic italian cuisine.

Step into Italy as you're embraced by the "Dolce Vita" ambiance that the establishment adorns, creating an inviting atmosphere where every detail speaks to the romance of Bella Italia.

The attentive and hospitable service will guide you through a culinary journey of traditional italian flavors.

The red apron, carefully designed by IVUS, is reminiscent of iconic symbols like sports cars, the rich varieties of tomato sauce, and the refinement of italian red wines. Each apron is adorned with words that resonate with memories of a whimsical and romantic voyage, celebrating the allure and lifestyle of Italy.


4, rue du Rhône

Passage des Lions

1204 Genève

Phone reservation : +41 22 310 39 90


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