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Fiona Kraft

Meet Fiona Kraft, a genre-defying experience.

Her signature style seamlessly blends the infectious energy of afro-house vibes with tight progressive beats and is punctuated by euphoric breaks.

This unique auditory journey has not only set her apart but has also brought her the opportunity to command the stage alongside electronic music titans such as Black Coffee, Guy Gerber, Red Axes, Blond:ish, and Miss Kittin.

Fiona Kraft

How is 2023 for you ?

This year is rich in experiences and discoveries because I had the opportunity to play in many countries I had never been to before. Indeed, my schedule is quite full, and I also set aside some time to work on my musical projects

Were there any significant events, experiences this year ?

Yes, there were many, but to mention a few, I would say Hï Ibiza, Rituals in Egypt, Untold Festival, Fabric, and Beonix Festival.

What is the next part of your schedule for this year ? Any upcoming events that you're looking forward to ?

Yes, I'm currently on a tour in Asia, and in a week, I'll be heading to Buenos Aires to perform at the Pacha Festival. I'm also very excited because in early December, I'll be going to South Africa for two dates, one of which is with Black Coffee in Cape Town and another at Rage Festival.

Do you have one (or two) tracks released this year that you particularly appreciate ?

I would say "Deeper Feelings" and "Flashback." I play them quite often in my sets, and these two tracks represent my musical universe quite well.

Do you have any personal productions that have been released this year or are set to be released ?

Gab Rhome - Alter He-Go (Fiona Kraft Remix)

Fiona Kraft - Deeper Feelings

Fiona Kraft - Flashback

Re.You, Jim Hickey, SANREY - Won’t Say (Fiona Kraft Remix)

Fiona Kraft

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