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Like his music, we knew that Jason Derulo had no border when it comes to fashion. So when he asked for a jacket, it was obvious we would go full in to make it stand out, no limit. Not only stand out, but personal to him. That's what we do.

Born in Florida, the haitian kid found his inspiration listening to the one that would later be called "The King of Pop". This is where things started for him, this is were the design grasps its foundation.

DISCLAIMER : Any resemblance to the red jacket in the Thriller music video (1983) is purely coincidental.

The jacket is an imprint of Jason's path to self realisation. It arbores many different milestones of his artistic life.

See if you can spot them all.

Photo credit : BLITZ © Rita Carmo / 2022 © Marta Ribeiro / Glam Magazine


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