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Let's be honest : when you are proud of the work you've done and are very exited to be part of a big event, when the show starts, it seems that the only thing that your eyes are catching is your contribution. Everything else doesn't exist.

We didn't even notice the small robot dogs !

But for the rest of the world, the man who has sold more than 250 million singles worldwide and has achieved eleven platinum singles, graced the stage of the TikTok Tailgate for the Super Bowl 2023 edition and reached another milestone in his carrier, showcasing his incredible talent as a singer, songwriter, and dancer.

For this occasion, Jason Derulo was wearing an IVUS green denim jacket showcasing a lion at the back and a more discrete Bob Marley figure. The composition is a reference to courage, strength, growth and balance.

And a small dose of each is what he needed ahead of the superbowl after breaking his foot while playing basketball with friends. Little more than a week before the big game, he performed with the aid of crutches before the first match between Dubai Capitals and Abu Dhabi Knight Riders in the DP World ILT20 at Dubai International Stadium.

Check down below a small preview


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